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If you have an important audition coming up and need to rehearse/learn some music for it, I provide bespoke backing tracks (ranging from just piano to full band) just for you!  I also offer a 'note-bash' service where I record the melody line for you if you need to learn the song in a hurry.  Feel free to email us with your sheet music (including any cuts, rearrangements etc) and I will get your personalised backing track to you on the same day!


Unlike a lot of backing tracks you find online, ours are recorded by humans with professional software.  So no bad quality phone recordings or robotic sounding tracks you find with other services!


Audition cuts - £2.50 (€3/$3.50) per 16-bar cut, £5 (€6/$7) per 32-bar cut


Piano track - £10 (€11/$13) per track under 3 minutes, £2.50 (€3/$3.50) per extra minute


Band track - £7.50 (€8.50/$10) per instrument on each track under 3 minutes, £2.50 (€3/$3.50) per extra minute

Band tracks - please email for a quote

*All EUR and USD prices are approximations and may fluctuate depending on the exchange rate

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